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Membership requires a brief audition, and will be arranged with our Musical Director. All members are expected to have sufficient knowledge of music to learn the notes, pitch, and rhythm of the program selections. Sight reading and prior multipart choral singing experience is preferred. Members are expected to practice the music at home and required to attend rehearsals regularly.


Current dues per concert season (e.g., Holiday or Spring) are:

Adults - $75,

College Students - No Fee

Other Students (under 18 years of age) - No Fee

Dues must be paid by Adult members by the end of the first month of each season. Adult members may elect to pay in 3 installments of $25 without penalty. Dues go toward paying the professionals, sheet music purchase, concert facility rental costs, insurance, and publicity expenses.

Additional Membership Information

Members must also provide their own concert binder and concert attire:

  • formal wear for public concerts (tuxedos for men, long black dress for women);
  • students must check with the Music Director (white shirts and bow ties for men, long black dress for women).

Want to Join Us?

Potential members should use this link to contact us. One of our members will reach out to welcome you, and attempt to answer any questions you may have. 

You are also able to look at our Facebook Page for more information.

Finally you can come stop by on our regular rehearsal night.

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